Medieval Castles In Britain


medieval castles in BritainHistory plays an important role in all our lives and medieval history in particular seems to be of great interest to many people. The medieval period spanned approx 50 years from the Norman Conquest of England in 1066 through to the beginning of the Tudor period. The Battle of Hastings in 1066 was of course the key event that brought about radical change in Britain - changes in everything from monarchy, to land ownership, language, food and, especially the design and construction of castles.

Medieval castles in Britain - in England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland - are a vast area of interest just in their own right. You can study a myriad of aspects relating to castle design, the materials used in their consturction, the development and importance of the castle keep, how castles had to be defended and how they evolved in line with improvements in weaponry used to attack castles.

Medieval life was of course dominated in many respects by medieval castles and their owners for they had a great bearing on the land and estates on which the common people had to live and work. So for many people in Britain in medieval times the local castle was a focal point in their lives.

Included in the most important medieval castles in Britain are Alnwick Castle (featured in the Harry Potter films and Blackadder BBC TV series), Carlisle Castle (with over 900 years of history and visitors who have included William Wallace, Bonnie Prince Charlie and Mary Queen of Scots) and Bamburgh Castle (located in one of the most dramatic settings in England).

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